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BUL*DOG ™– Bullet Trap
Firing Range accessories
Specially modified Bullet trap for indoor and outdoor ranges. With stand more shots over conventional Traps.
– Details are available upon request

All are welcome.

TAR*GO - Target Board
Our Target boards (right) are Tested to with stand 5 times more shots over conventional (normal) boards.
It gives Firer a better change to know if his shot is on target.
– Details are available

All are welcome

SANCO – Sandbag, PP Sandbag

Sand Bags for use in battle fields.
Sand Bags in Jute / Hussein is also available

Military Grade
BS EN 1049-2 :1994-1
BS EN ISO 13934-1:1999

(*contact us for specifications)

Aviator Glove -
Flame Retardant glove - Nomex
A best-selling glove, all-time favorite with Marines.

– Details are available upon request

All are welcome.

Assault Glove -
Protective Leather glove

A necessary for STORM forces. Full leather with protective padding.

– All are welcome.

Knee and Shoulder Guard

This is an injection molded guard not a heat formed plastic. Injection molded provides maximum protection.

We have the experience to OEM a wide range of military protective gear (Nomex fabric and Leather).

Contact us for more information.

KIT Bags –

Flame Retardant, Heat Resistance, Thermal Condition. Water Resistance, Anti Cut – we fabricate it.

– Details are available upon request

All are welcome.

For Rescue, Assault or EMS etc. -
Gear Bag

Be it a drawing or modifications, we are most willing to listen and assist. We especially interested in high specifications items.

We welcome enquiry from Rescue, EMS, Military, Police or any agency who is seeking to have a tailored make kit bag / pack.

– All are welcome.

Climbing hoister, Tools Gear, Load Bearing Vest

This is a make to order tools gear.

We have the experience to OEM a wide range of military loading bearing vest. Military, Flame retardant or Ballistic grade.

Contact us for more information.

Water Bottle

We specialize in WATER BOTTLES FDA compliance.
It can be in BpA FREE or Polycarbonate.

– For events or Promotional Gift -

All are welcome.

Disaster or mobilization

Beside as Water bottle, it can combine for use as a carrier / storage for other EMS items such as small torch Light, Rain Coat, Energy Bar (Biscuit), Light stick & small First Aids essentials.

An essential item for EMS Units.
Any configuration can be considered.

Our bottles are made from FDA approve POLYCARBONATE certify by USA Center For Regulatory (CFR).

EMS Personnel, Refugees & Mobilization – Ration or First Aids Pack