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Kelsey-Sykes Test (Hospital Grade disinfectant) Certification.
The certification is not an endorsement or promotion of GERMISOL / product by the Test Centre.

– Hospital Grade Disinfectant.

Very often we see label such as ‘KILL 99.9%’ yet we wonder why we don’t see these brands among those use in our Doctor clinic or in the Hospital.

There are a thousand and one germs which can be killed with just simple soap and plain water. But there a handful will just do not go away easily with unqualified germicides.

We also supply Heavy Industry Grade COAL TAR Disinfectant.

BLACK Disinfectant Fluid - WHITE Disinfectant Fluid

Hospital Grade disinfectant GERMISOL.
Hand Sanitizer.

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GENTOL™ – toilet Liquid Soap

It is common that the Liquid Soap you washed, have the ‘smell’ of a Soap, the viscosity like a liquid soap and the familiar foams it produces, yet the cleaning effect is less than what you expected it to be.

Today they are products call ‘synthetics’ which can give you almost every ’smell’ one can imagine; the thickener giving the soapy effect and the foams which all can be added to make a very convincing soap but have no contribution to it cleaning effect.

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SuRGI-SCRUB - Liquid Hospital grade surgical Hand scrub and Hand wash.

Our SuRGI-SCRUB is manufactured to meet International Hospital grade for use in Clinics, Medical Centers and Hospital.

Hand Sanitizer – In Gel or Foam (non rinse)

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Laundry-Master – Liquid Laundry Detergent.

We can manufacture to match any quality. Be it hand or Machine Wash, with Germicide or Softener etc.

We can manufacture to your specifications and under your branding.

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